Joe-Joe Bowen T-shirt

Joe-Joe Bowen T-shirt


A dragon breathing the word "war" in a ball of flames. Do you need more of a description? The original artwork for this t-shirt design came to us directly from "The Old Man," Joe-Joe Bowen, a Black Liberation Army prisoner serving life for killing the warden of a prison in Pennsylvania.

Here's what Joe-Joe has to say about NYC ABC:
"We in my section of the People’s Struggle against state oppression like the way the soldiers in ABC takes care of the struggle business. They’ve been operating a long time in the struggle, and we in my section respect them for their work in the struggle."

All proceeds from the sale of this shirt go toward helping Joe-Joe. For more information on Joe-Joe and other U.S. held political prisoners and prisoners of war, check out nycabc.wordpress.com

This product is not currently for sale.
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